Hey Vancouver, your dog deserves great food!

We make and deliver locally produced all natural dog food that better matches your dog’s natural diet

  • no preservatives
  • no fillers or byproducts
  • no grains

Just great natural food your dog will love, delivered to your door

Fresh ingredients

Ground, mixed, frozen and delivered to your door.

See how easy it is

Your dog will love this food and you’ll be amazed at how quick and easy it is.

Free Vancouver Delivery

With a $64 minimum order, we deliver anywhere within the City of Vancouver

At Natural K9 Diet, we grind – mix – freeze and then deliver fresh dog food to your door.
Each bag has 72 bricks, minimum order is 2 bags.
All prices include taxes and delivery.
It’s the easiest and healthiest thing you’ll ever feed your dog.
Most dogs eat 1 – 2 bricks per 10lbs of weight.
All ingredients locally sourced, except buffalo meat which comes from Alberta.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Your dog deserves to be fed healthful, tasty and nutritious food. For the last five years,whenever the NaturalK9Diet truck delivers Charlie’s food, we know we are getting the best. Charlie does too.

“Thank you for the great delivery service and education about good food. Although she was on a good raw food diet before, her coat, digestion and elimination are so much better.  Thank you for caring enough about our beloved 4 legged friends by putting so much effort, knowledge and time into making top quality food so they can live a long and healthy life.”

“I have been buying food for Tazer for 11 years from Natural K9 Diet. As a lab he has no allergies, his coat is glossy and he is not smelly (he was initially when I fed him commercial food for a few weeks). Karl is the ultimate in professionalism and his product is outstanding.”



Where we deliver

Currently, we deliver for free to any address within the City of Vancouver city limits. Our delivery is flexible and we can work around your schedule.  Contact us to find out more.

If you’re outside Vancouver, arrangements can be made to deliver to a work or other address within the city limits on a particular day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is raw dog food better?
Although dogs will eat just about anything, you will discover that your dog is at it’s best when fed the right food. Our natural, local and raw food is more efficiently digested and closer to a dog’s natural diet with no preservatives, byproducts or fillers.
How do I know my dog will like it?
Satisfaction guaranteed – for you and your dog. When we drop off your first order, we’ll feed your dog and show you how easy it is. We guarantee you dog will love it.
How do I serve this to my dog?
Our food is designed to be fed straight from the freezer. The blocks break up easily and can be served directly to dog.  Teething puppies especially enjoy the soothing effects of eating a solid frozen product.
How does delivery work?

After you make an order, we will be in touch within 1 business day to arrange delivery and you can expect your food to arrive within 5 business days. Please let us know whether morning or evening delivery suits best.


No refunds or exchanges on fresh food.

Don’t Be Shy! Would you like to order? Do you have any questions or want to check something? My name is Karl and I’d be happy to organise your first delivery or answer any questions you may have. Please get in touch. Phone: (604) 868-3647 Email: info@naturalk9diet.com